Mindfulness Meditation Classes

Our Introduction to Mindfulness workshop is 2 hours and is typically held on Saturday mornings or weekday evenings.  We also provide an on-line version through secure video conferencing.  This workshop will provide you with an opportunity to sample meditations and learn about mindfulness.  You will also receive some resources to start a daily meditation practice and to start living more mindfully.  Some people attend this workshop before joining the MBSR class.

We are also Certified to run the world-famous 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) class that has been developed and highly researched for 40 years at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre (UMass).  For further information on the UMass MBSR class that we lead and to watch a short video of the class, go to the  Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center (UMass).

There are mindfulness programs at other centres that are of differing length (e.g., more or less than 8 weeks) and of varying quality (e.g., teachers have limited training or have only taken some courses at UMass and have not undergone the rigorous 5 years of training required for Certification).  These other centres are using the name “MBSR” but their classes are only loosely designed on the originally developed and researched 8-week curriculum developed at UMass. 

Other programs compared to ours also tend to be more conceptual and scientific (i.e., participants are provided with many readings and handouts on neuroscience and mindfulness).  These other programs rely more on this conceptual training and are less experiential.  Experiential learning is central to the original UMass MBSR program design.  Experiential learning is also central to our class and therefore participants will more likely experience long-lasting changes in their lives than if they attended a more conceptual class (e.g., reading “about” Mindfulness).

Similarly, mindfulness meditation programs and short classes offering quick tips and mindfulness tools and techniques typically have a minimal impact on your life and stress reduction.  Mindfulness is “in” right now.

The depth, structure and integrity of our MBSR course, taught by highly qualified teachers, will make a significant positive difference in your life.

What do past participants say about our course?  Here are some of their comments:

  • “I was amazed when I realized that the practice had seeped into my everyday life.  I am so better for it.”
  • “I feel you have given me the tools & confidence to change my life.  Thank you!”
  • “I am so thankful for the experience of taking this MBSR course.  I went from feeling like I was being overwhelmed by stress to feeling like it was only a matter of time until stress was just another aspect of life that can be dealt with like any other problem.”
  • “Excellent course.  Profoundly life changing. Unexpected in its comprehensiveness and so valuable.  A great foundation.”
  • “This course really changed my life, I am now a better person / more relaxed and mindful, less stressful.”
  • “This course was a true gift to myself and I would highly recommend it to everybody.  It’s hard work but it’s worth it in the end.”
  • “Thank you so much Andre – I feel well on my way to surpassing my Jr. meditator status!  Thank you for your kindness, compassion, and wicked sense of humour!  :-)”
  • “The class was an excellent way to deepen my understanding of mindfulness and how to practice effectively.  I feel calmer, more peaceful, more productive and happier in my relationships.”
  • “I’m so happy that I made the decision to take this course.  I believe it has given me tools that will serve me for the rest of my life for stress reduction.”
  • “I highly recommend this MBSR course to others.  In a world that is often overwhelming and stressful, this MBSR course and its amazing leaders, offer valuable tools to help make life a whole lot easier.”
  • “I want to compliment the leaders/instructors on creating a warm, kind, comfortable atmosphere to facilitate sharing and relationship building.  A really lovely experience and major boost to the senses.”
  • “I truly appreciated the sharing of the science behind mindfulness because it spoke to the student in me.  I liked the rapport between Susan and Andre because it entertained me and I was brought back into an ease and comfort with the class.”
  • “There is an incredible difference in my stress level and decrease in my reactivity to unpleasant events as a result of this course.  I’m excited to keep practising and see how it continues to change my life.”
  • “This course is life changing in such a positive way.  I have so much more resilience.  I am a different person leaving this course…  So grateful!”

For further information on mindfulness and on our teachers , please visit our What is Mindfulness? and About our Teachers pages.

For further information or to register, please e-mail info@haltoncentre.ca or phone the centre at 905-901-0597.

Your private health insurance plan may cover your participation in our workshops and classes. Please ask about this when you contact the centre.