Research On Mindfulness Meditation 

There is a proliferation of research on mindfulness meditation with over 10,000 research articles in the area. The benefits of mindfulness meditation listed on our centre’s website have all been supported by research. (A list of benefits is on the “What is Mindfulness meditation?” page.) Mainstream media is also reporting these exciting research findings. TIME magazine has had a few covers on mindfulness meditation and its research. 

There is leading-edge research emerging on the potential beneficial effects of mindfulness meditation on aging. Shrinking telomeres on the ends of our genes are related to the aging process and research has shown that those who practice mindfulness meditation have slower loss of their telomeres and, therefore, may live longer.

Mindfulness research: image of a person undergoing an MRI exam

Medical researchers have also discovered that our brain can actually regenerate neurons and connections between neurons. The study of the neuroplasticity of the brain is now including research on the effects of mindfulness meditation on the structure and functioning of the brain. MRI studies are showing that people who practice mindfulness meditation experience healthy structural changes in their brains.

Unfortunately, with our cell phones constantly close at hand, we are frequently multi-tasking. Multi-tasking is not being mindful and is quite stressful too. Research is now finding that our increase in stress is likely related to our technologically-assisted multi-tasking. We are not being fully present with our families, in our relationships, work or other activities.