Learning Difficulties & Psycho-Educational Assessments

Do you suspect you have a learning disability and have never had the testing done?

Learning disabilities may include underachieving and having difficulties in reading, writing, math, spatial perception, processing speed, or working memory.

A recent assessment is typically required by universities and colleges in order to receive accommodations such as longer times for exams, lecture recording devices, or a peer helper to provide lecture notes and help organize studying. Some adults request assessments so they can perform better in their jobs.

Our psychologists can do a learning disability assessment for you. A full assessment is called a psycho-educational assessment.

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Psycho-educational Assessment

A psycho-educational assessment is typically completed to assess a learning disability. The assessment includes an interview to understand your concerns and the history of your concerns.  We ask you to complete some questionnaires and we review your report cards (if you still have them).  There is also a psychological assessment and the administration of a number of tests to assess your intellectual functioning, learning style and abilities.

You will be provided with a thorough report of your psychological, social, emotional and intellectual functioning. We will help you understand your unique learning style, strengths and relative limitations in how you approach schoolwork or office work. If you are at university or college, we will include detailed recommendations for learning accommodations that you can request from your school. If you are working, we will provide you with recommendations to improve your effectiveness at work.

Our psychologists also do gifted assessments.