Learning Difficulties & Psycho-Educational Assessments

If you suspect your child or teen has a learning disability, then we highly recommend you have an assessment done. Longstanding undetected learning disabilities can take a large toll on your child’s self-esteem. Children with learning disabilities often compare themselves to others and believe they are not very bright.

Learning disabilities may include underachieving and having difficulties in reading, writing, spelling, math, dyslexia, spatial reasoning, processing speed, or working memory.

The sooner your child or teen’s learning disability is identified and understood, the sooner your child or teen can learn how to use strategies to compensate for learning difficulties. Parents can also learn the best way to coach their children with homework, and, the school can also make accommodations to optimize success.

Our psychologists are known for our thorough assessments and we can help your child or teen maximize their potential in life.

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Psycho-educational Assessment

Typically, a psycho-educational assessment is done to assess a learning disability. We gather information from parents, children and teachers through interviews, questionnaires and observations. The interview helps us understand concerns, a history of the concerns, and other relevant developmental information. We also review your child’s report cards and conduct a psychological assessment. We then administer a number of tests to assess intellectual functioning, learning style and abilities.

You will be provided with a thorough report of your child’s psychological, social, emotional and intellectual functioning including detailed recommendations for school and home accommodations. We will help you and your child understand your child’s unique learning style, strengths and relative limitations in academic performance.

By helping you and your child (or teen) understand your child’s unique learning style and relative limitations in how your child approaches schoolwork, you and your child can move forward as a team together and with the school. This teamwork is very beneficial for your child’s confidence and success.

We also do gifted assessments.