If your child is:

  • waking you several times during the night
  • afraid to sleep independently
  • testing the limits with bedtime
  • seeking reassurance repeatedly at bedtime, or
  • simply not sleeping well

then we can help you and your child get back to sleep.

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If your child or teen is not sleeping well, then he or she may be more irritable, anxious and moody, and have difficulty concentrating at school. Alternatively, your child or teen may have anxiety contributing to the sleep problem.

ADHD children have a high frequency of sleep problems, often undetected, which contribute to further distress for these children. We suggest a sleep assessment for some children with ADHD.

Typically, we need to work with children and parents to improve sleep in children. We teach children sleeping tips including relaxation. We use CBT to assist children with any fears they may have about sleeping alone or any worries they have that are keeping them awake. We also develop a graduated exposure plan (e.g., go to sleep with mom sitting on a chair at the bottom of the bed, mom sitting on a chair in the hall and so on) to help them sleep.

Our psychologists have been trained by leading researchers in the area of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)-I and are highly qualified to help return your child or teen to regular, healthy sleep.