Challenging Relationships

Are you feeling disconnected and lonely?

Are you caught in a negative cycle of arguing with, or withdrawing from, others?

When these moments of disconnection are occurring too often, you can feel alone and no longer feel you can turn to anyone for support.

Our psychologists can help improve your challenging relationships by using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Couples Counselling or Family Therapy.

We can also teach you mindfulness meditation to help you to be less negatively affected by those around you.  Mindfulness can also assist you in increasing inner calm and compassion for others.

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Couples Counselling

If you feel disconnected from your partner and are not receiving the support you need, then this may be causing you significant distress. Studies show that you are 30 times more likely to become depressed if you are in a relationship where you do not trust your partner for emotional support.

Using the leading-edge couples therapy entitled Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) developed by Dr. Sue Johnson and her colleagues in Ottawa, we help you and your partner feel connected and happy again. We reduce negative cycles and conflict and improve trust. Our psychologists have studied extensively in Ottawa with Dr. Sue Johnson. Learn more about EFT at Dr. Johnson’s centre’s website.

We will work together in a safe, trusting environment to bring happiness back into your relationship

Challenging Work and Peer Relationships

Our psychologists can help you improve your relationships with work colleagues, friends or acquaintances.

You may tend to take things personally and be somewhat sensitive to the perceived criticisms of others.

Or, you may have a particularly challenging person in your life. You may have attempted to talk to this person and request change or it may not feel safe to talk to this person because she or he is in a position of authority or is quite reactive. In addition, you may have difficulty asserting yourself.

After problem-solving with you, enhancing your communication skills and improving your ability to assert yourself, we can also help you feel less distressed by the challenging relationship in your life.

Family Therapy

Constant arguing or an unresolved issue in families is quite disconnecting and upsetting and is a significant risk factor for mental health problems in children and teens. Sometimes family therapy is recommended when a particular member is struggling with a mental health concern. Family therapy increases understanding of the concern and how it effects everyone in the family and also teaches family members how best to support the person with the concern.

Family therapy can help build a happy, healthy family life. Connection in families is essential for the well-being of children, teens and parents.

Sometimes family members who are all adults also request family therapy to address a particular issue and improve well-being and happiness for all.