Uncertain About Booking?

Please take the time you need.

If you are not sure whether or not you would like to book a therapy session for your child or teen, you could initially enroll your child or teen into one of our workshops, groups or mindfulness meditation programs.

You can also e-mail or phone Ann, our centre’s client care coordinator, and tell her you are uncertain. She will listen while you describe your reasons for being uncertain, empathize and, if you like, help address some of these uncertainties with some further information.

Uncertain About Booking? - Children & Teens: closeup image of a blue butterly on yellow flowers

You can describe your child, teen or family’s situation and needs, ask questions, and learn further about our psychologists. Ann can help advise which of our services may be the best fit for your child or teen and which psychologist may be the best fit for you.

You can also e-mail or speak directly with the psychologist you would potentially like your child, teen or family to work with and ask further questions until you feel comfortable booking.

To contact Ann, please e-mail info@haltoncentre.ca or phone her at: 905-901-0597.