First session

If your child (or teen) is booked for therapy, it all starts with a conversation. Your psychologist will put you and your child at ease in a relaxed and friendly environment to learn more about your concerns.

From here, your psychologist will conduct a thorough assessment and work with you and your child to establish clear goals for your child’s sessions.

Guiding you and your child every step of the way in this first session, your child’s psychologist will:

  • give you and your child an estimate of the number of recommended sessions
  • describe what the sessions will look and feel like
  • describe the practice between sessions
  • outline the theory and research behind the assessment and therapy, as appropriate
First Session - Children & Teens: closeup image of a monarch butterfly on purple flowers

Your psychologist will build your child’s healthcare plan collaboratively with you and your child ensuring your goals, and the entire plan, feel comfortable, make sense and address your child’s unique needs.

As we work together to put the plan into place, and throughout therapy, we will support your family every step of the way to help build a happy healthy home.

If your teen or child prefers to meet with us alone for part or all of the initial session, then we can do that. We will then bring you in to the same or subsequent session to have a similar conversation.

During the assessment, your psychologist will ask for perspectives from parents and children and assure children that everyone’s story is important. We ask about your child’s development and any concerning emotions and behaviours. We typically ask you to bring, to your first session, your child’s report cards and any prior relevant assessment reports such as psycho-educational reports. We review comments from teachers and changes in comments and grades over time. We will return these materials to you within a few weeks

Our psychologists are thorough in their assessment in order to make accurate recommendations for your child and family.