Final Session

In the final session, your psychologist will review all of the gains your child has made and all of the tools your child has learned. It is also usually helpful to check in with you and your child about feelings about ending therapy.

You, your child and your psychologist will discuss if you would like to set up any maintenance sessions for the future. If these do not seem necessary, you will always know “the door is open” should you and your child ever wish to return for a follow-up appointment at any time in the future.

You and your child will end therapy with a set of tools, in writing if preferred, to use at any time in the near or distant future. Our goal is to prevent a re-occurrence or relapse of the problem that brought you and your child into therapy. Sometimes relapses in the future do occur. After therapy, however, the length and intensity of that relapse, should it occur, should be minimized.

Final Session - Children & Teens: closeup image of monarch butterfly on red flower