Attention & ADHD

Have you been struggling with low motivation and procrastination for as long as you remember?

Are you frequently blaming yourself for just not “doing it”?  and often thinking, “What’s wrong with me?”, “Why am I so lazy?”

And then you end up rushing last minute to get the job done……..which can then increase your anxiety in addition to your frustration.

You may:

  • have difficulty concentrating
  • have difficulty organizing
  • keep forgetting appointments or mixing up times of appointments
  • become easily distracted
  • impulsively do and buy things
  • like thrilling things
  • find many everyday things boring

We see many adults with undiagnosed ADD. Our psychologists can conduct an assessment for ADD and provide tools for managing the associated challenges of ADD, such as procrastination, forgetfulness and difficulty organizing.

On our “Groups” page you will see the dates for our next ADHD Skills Group and the date for our next ADHD Assessment Group Information Session.

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Our psychologists conduct a thorough assessment for ADD. Once our assessment is completed, many of our clients feel tremendous relief. Many of the adults we see who request an assessment have had a suspicion they have had ADD for a long time.. Once a diagnosis is made, longstanding low self-esteem begins to improve and they think, “It’s not my fault after all”. “I’m not lazy”. “My brain is just wired differently.”

Our psychologists will outline and discuss with you in your first session which of two types of ADD assessments you would like. One is done with an interview and questionnaires in 2 or 3 sessions and the other is done with a more extensive psycho-educational assessment.

On our “Groups” page, you can see the date for our next ADHD Assessment Group Information Session.