image of Angela Povar

Angela Povar, M.Psy.


Angela’s clinical work and experience for the past 7 years includes the assessment and treatment of children, adolescents, emerging adults and adults. She provides assistance for individuals who are experiencing a wide array of concerns, including depression, anxiety, anger, stress management, conflict resolution, adjustment difficulties, self-esteem concerns, and emotional regulation difficulties. 

She has a particular interest and expertise in assisting young emerging adults and helping them manage the difficult transitions and choices around education, career, identity, and independence. She knows that this period in life has it’s own unique triggers of anxiety and moodiness and has tools and suggestions to help. Ultimately, Angela helps her clients, of all ages, to live a more fulfilled, less anxious and happier life.

With children, Angela loves to explore creative and playful ways to engage them and to teach them tools, using a CBT framework, to be less anxious and stressed.  She is also creative in helping children tantrum less and be less angry.  With teens, Angela connects with them and sees the world from their perspective.  She includes parents during her work with children and teens and empathizes with their challenges while also providing a way forward in difficult situations with their children, teaching them useful strategies.

Angela is a conscientious and empathetic listener and she provides a safe, compassionate and non-judgmental space to connect and explore a client’s presenting difficulties and concerns. With this understanding, she works collaboratively to establish a treatment plan and help clients attain their therapeutic goals and needs.

Angela is working under the supervision of Dr. Susan Williams who provides ongoing support with clients.  She is in the process of applying to the College of Psychologists to be registered as a Psychological Associate in Supervised Practice.