Ongoing Sessions

To ensure you are feeling better as quickly as possible, your psychologist will:

  • check in at the start of each session to see how you are doing
  • make recommendations for topics for the session, ask you for any ideas you may have for discussion, and build a session agenda with you to ensure that the most important and helpful topics are covered.
Ongoing Sessions - Adults: image of pink flowers on a leafy green background

It is typically helpful to review any practice you have done since your prior session so your psychologist can provide further training, as required, on the tools you are using. By working together, you will learn as quickly as possible how to reduce stress and distress.

In each session, you can learn new information and tools. Or, if you prefer, your psychologist will provide you with support and guidance for life’s difficulties, as appropriate.

Your psychologist will ensure you know what to practice before your next session and will check in with you regularly over the course of your therapy to see if your needs are being met and you are moving towards your goals.