First Session

If you are booked for therapy, it all starts with a conversation. Your psychologist will put you at ease in a relaxed and friendly environment to learn more about your concerns.

From here, your psychologist will conduct a thorough assessment and work with you to establish clear goals for your sessions.

You may be feeling generally good overall and only request a few tips and tools to improve your well-being or request someone to talk to for guidance.  Or, you may be feeling somewhat distressed or very distressed and request assistance with changing some negative thoughts, feelings or behavioural patterns and to learn ways to feel less anxious, stressed and happier. Your psychologist will be able to understand your needs in your first session.

First Session - Adults: closeup image of cream and pink-coloured flower

Guiding you every step of the way in your first session, your psychologist will:

  • give you an estimate of the number of sessions you will need
  • describe what the sessions will look and feel like
  • describe the recommended practice you can do between sessions
  • outline the theory and research for your therapy

Your psychologist will build your healthcare plan collaboratively with you ensuring your goals, and the entire plan, feel comfortable, make sense and address your unique needs. We are thorough in our work with clients.

You will be given at least one tip that you can use to relieve your distress or concerns right away.

If you are feeling particularly distressed in your first session or have time-sensitive reasons for short-cutting the assessment, your psychologist will provide you with substantial guidance and a variety of recommendations to help you immediately in your first session.